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Phyllis Hartnoll
Thames & Hudson
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The Theatre (third edition)

A Concise History

‘A reliable and detailed document, richly illustrated, of use to students of history and theatre alike’ – The Times Educational Supplement

Fourth edition

Acting, direction, stagecraft, theatre architecture and design, the extraordinary evolution of dramatic literature – here is an all-embracing and richly illustrated history, global in scope and ranging from the ancient origins of the theatre to the fascinating variety of forms that it has taken in our own age.

Phyllis Hartnoll, the book’s original author, was editor of the Oxford Companion to the Theatre and a well-known authority on theatre history. For this fourth edition, Enoch Brater – a specialist on modern and contemporary drama, has revised and extended the final chapter. He surveys performance art, political theatre, new genres, live broadcasts and extravagant spectacles, showcasing the constant and dynamic evolution of stage performance, from classics reinvented to groundbreaking new work.

Phyllis Hartnoll was a founder-member of The Society for Theatre Research and the first editor of its bilingual journal, she wrote extensively on the theatre, and lectured on drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, in England and around the world.

Enoch Brater is Kenneth T. Rowe Collegiate Professor of Dramatic Literature and Professor of English and Theater at the University of Michigan. A specialist in modern and postmodern drama, his books include The Essential Samuel Beckett, Beyond Minimalism: Beckett’s Late Style in the Theater, Arthur Miller: A Playwright’s Life and Works, and Arthur Miller’s Global Theater.

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